Welcome to Strandebarm Sportell

The Strandebarm Sportel is well suited for holding courses, for training in different sports and overnighting in general. The Sportel is also ideal for low price overnight stays for individuals as well as families.

Strandebarm Sportell lies next to Strandebarm Athletic Park, which opens possibilities for our guests to do wide variety of sports:

  • Running in 6/8 lanes running track
  • Soccer on a natural grass
  • Sand volleyball in two volleyball areas
  • Shooting in indoor shooting area
  • Swimming in 25 m swimming pool
  • Boating from the new marina
  • And other sports in a new sports hall 44m x 24m

Due to a convenient location of Strandebarm Sportell it is also possible to go mountain hiking, cycling, fishing, bathing in a fjord, or just enjoy the marvelous nature of Hardanger. Moreover, it is a short distance from Strandebarm Sportell to summer ski resort center at Folgefonna glacier in Jondal municipality and to the biathlon center in Hålandsdalen in Fusa municipality.

Get driving directions from Bergen to Strandebarm Sportell

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